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Work/study programs in England and in Australia…

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The work experience in our programs can be paid or unpaid work.

Unpaid work experience is also called a "stage" or "internship", and it requires an already-acquired upper-intermediate level (at least) of English knowledge. You will be placed in a company working in a field for which you will have expressed a preference, for example banking/journalism/insurance/marketing, etc etc. Sometimes you will already have some qualification in this field from your own country. Its purpose is for you to gain experience, and it enhances your curriculum very nicely for the moment when you start out on your working career. You can find some of our "internship" offers in our database catalogue. If not, try sending us a manual search request form. We can offer this in some locations in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Make sure you select the option "English with (unpaid) work experience" from the "Course content" drop-down menu in either form.

Paid work is just what it says. Most foreign students of English who get paid work while studying will be working in the hotel and catering industry. Other jobs are occasionally available, but only for those with a very good knowledge of English indeed, or who have very unusual and sought after skills

In the rest of this page we shall describe the programs we can offer that combine an English course with paid work. We can only offer this as a program in the UK, and only to EU citizens; but we can tell you how to get part-time work while studying in Australia. Ask your nearest Australian Embassy if there are restrictions on your nationality.

WARNING! If your LEVEL OF ENGLISH is not at least "lower intermediate" please do not think that you will be able to find any sort of work. The reality is that nobody will give you a job. The sort of mechanical jobs that used to be available to those with little language knowledge - like washing dishes in a restaurant - no longer exist. Nowadays mechanical jobs are done by machines.

So if you would like to aim for a program of study combined with paid work, you simply have to accept that you will need to spend a certain amount of time beforehand, just studying, and this will be more expensive for you than if you were also able to work and be paid at the same time. We do have some very economical courses where you do not work, and you can see some proposals on our page "Bargain offers".

Here is a suggested, step-by-step, long-term plan of action, which you might consider adopting:

  1. If you are at beginner or elementary level, you will need to take a course without working, until you reach at least a "lower intermediate" level. This could take you from six to twelve weeks with an intensive course. Have a look at our page "Bargain offers".
  2. With a lower intermediate (or higher) level, you can combine a course with working as a waiter/waitress, demi-pair with a family, or in a hotel (see more below).
  3. When you reach an upper-intermediate level, you could think of doing an unpaid internship (see above).
  4. When you reach an advanced level, (after perhaps 1 year's intensive study), then you could undertake a regular career in your own field in an English-speaking country, or indeed in any country in the world where English is used as a working language.

By then you will be able to soar above the world and go wherever you wish to fulfil your dreams, just like the sea-gull in our trademark.

So please ask us only for programs suitable for your present level!

Study and work in England and Australia

Opportunities in EASTBOURNE on the South coast of England (sorry, this is for EU/EEA citizens ONLY).

In Eastbourne and in the South-East of England we can offer programs of English study combined with a paid job. You will be sent a contract before you leave your own country. These programs are managed by an excellent school (recognized by the British Council). The work offered is mostly in the hotel and catering business. One advantage here is that your employer will often house and feed you for a low cost, which you can (more than) cover from what you earn. If not, the school will find you accommodation from which you can travel to your place of work every day, and at an affordable cost.

There are different combinations of work with study:

  1. Full-time work (39 hours per week) combined with a part-time course of six lessons (45") per week.
    Initial level required: intermediate.
    Minimum time commitment required: 8 weeks
    Cost: GBP 712 (covers 8 weeks' tuition, and the job placement fee).

  2. Three weeks initial intensive course, followed by a period of at least 8 weeks' work.
    Initial level required: lower intermediate.
    Minimum overall time commitment required: 11 weeks
    Cost: GBP 1220 (covers 3 weeks' tuition and accommodation, and the job placement fee).

  3. "Sandwich" course, which is an initial course + work period + final course.
    Initial level required: intermediate.
    Minimum time commitment required: 13 weeks (4 weeks initial course + at least 8 weeks of paid work + 1 final week's course).
    Cost: GBP 1472 (covers 5 weeks' tuition and accommodation, and the job placement fee).

  4. Paid work placement, with no course.
    Initial level required: upper intermediate.
    Minimum time commitment required: 8 weeks
    Cost: GBP 392 (covers the job placement fee).

To receive this school's brochure, click this link, which will take you to our "brochure request" order form for special offers. When you are completing the form, select "Work and study in Eastbourne" from the drop-down menu at the beginning.

"Demi-pair" program in London

In London we offer a demi-pair program, open exclusively to girls who are citizens of the European Union aged between 19 and 28, with a level of English that is at least lower intermediate. It consists of a period of 8 or 12 weeks, with starting dates once a month, and a weekly cost of GBP 103 (108 or 119 in summer). For this you are enrolled at a very good school (recognized by the British Council) in Harrow, a pleasant residential suburb in North London, on a course of 15 lessons (50") per week in classes with max 16 pupils. The fee covers the cost of the course, because you receive your single room and full board from the host family, selected for you by the school, without payment, in exchange for your working for the family for 15 hours a week, helping with the housework and with the children, plus one evening's baby-sitting during the week. This is by far the most economical way to study English in London, at just half an hour by underground train from the city center.

The same school also offers courses without work, open to all (except beginners), and the prices are very reasonable indeed we would say exceptional if you take a long-term course. See our page "Bargain offers".

To receive this school's brochure, click this link, which will take you to our "brochure request" order form for special offers. When you are completing the form, select "Demi-pair program in London" from the drop-down menu at the beginning

Study and work in Australia

In Australia the cost of living, and of taking one of our English courses, is low. For example a 20-week intensive course (25 hours per week in class) including the first four weeks of board and lodging, can cost just AUD 6815 (around 4080 euros). To take this program you will need a student visa, which will give you the right to seek and find part-time work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week. The school will not help you to find a job, but they will point you towards the nearest Job Center, where you will easily be offered work. Your earnings should be quite enough to cover your living expenses. Of course you do have to pay the AUD 6815 in advance, before you leave for Australia, but you get 500 hours in class plus your first four weeks board and lodging, and will most probably not have to spend any more money from home once you start working. It is a good investment, for in that length of time and with that amount of study you can make significant strides forward in your knowledge of English. With a 40-week package you spend 15-16% less on a weekly basis, and of course you learn far, far more.

N.B. The minimum time you must plan to spend in Australia for a student visa (which will enable you to work part-time) is 8 weeks of prepaid course. Check with your nearest Australian embassy or consulate for details and possible updates of visa regulations. The minimum cost for 8 weeks' course with 25 hours per week (compulsory for a student visa) is AUD 2575 (around 1542 euros), plus your maintenance and of course your flight.
To receive the brochure for our Australian schools, click this link, which will take you to our "brochure request" order form for special offers. When you complete the form, select "Work and study in Australia" from the drop-down menu at the beginning.

It is completely useless for you to ask us for brochures on work programs unless you have at least a LOWER INTERMEDIATE level of English, and are prepared to go abroad for at least 8 WEEKS. If you are uncertain as to your level, tell us so clearly in the space provided in your Brochure request form, and we will arrange for you to do a test before you confirm your booking.

We will send you the brochure willingly at no charge, and by ordering it you are not committing yourself to making a booking, but we do wish to send it only to those who are seriously motivated, so our form will ask you for some information about your present level of English etc.

Now when you click on the link to the "Special offers" form, you will be asked to select one of several choices. Please think carefully before choosing, and select the one that interests you most.

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

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