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If you live within around two hours' flying time from England, or within reach of the channel tunnel, consider the possibility of spending one or more long weekends in England, doing a short intensive course of private lessons in your English teacher's own home. Even flights from Southern Europe are often cheap enough nowadays to make this a reasonable proposition.

To arrange this for you, Independent English has called on the services of one of the foremost Institutes specialized in this type of program. This Institute recruits and trains teacher-host families in many locations world-wide, and also has families in areas near the airports round London. In every area the Institute has a local organizer as a reference point for the local teacher-host families. The local organizers are concerned with your welfare and you can call on them with any queries that might arise during your stay.

Following the transfer (max 45 minutes) from the airport to your destination by chauffeur driven car, you will be given a warm welcome by your professionally qualified teacher host and his or her family, who will provide you with full board, a single room and 15 hours of personalized tuition. What you get is a good, thorough, language immersion, short but intensive, in English. A quick way to make progress.

And also a really original and very pleasant way of spending the weekend! A break with your daily routine - a change that is practically as good as a rest.

All this costs just £ 585 or about 835 euros (plus the flight at prices that are sometimes very low indeed ).

You will enjoy the hospitality of your teacher and his/her family from dinner on Thursday to lunch the following Sunday. You will have two full days plus Sunday morning. You will be able to take your lessons in the drawing room or in the open air with your teacher : the details you can decide with him/her directly. ( NB If you have the time, you can even stay for a whole week at the same price ).

Nothing is stopping you from repeating the experience as many times as you wish. For example, if you take five weekends over six months, you will have accumulated 75 hours of individual tuition, but you will have only taken five days off work (the Fridays) using up just one week of your holiday time. There is also the option of taking 20 hours of lessons instead of 15, which would mean 100 hours over the period for the same one week of holiday time.

The learning benefit gained from repeating the program. is particularly good, because spacing out short intensive bursts over a period, alternated with time at home, allows your brain the time to absorb and digest what you have been learning. Above all, this is an investment that you are making in yourself, or that your company is making in you, which will remain with you for the rest of your life, and will pay you back both in cultural and professional terms, and in your career, many times over. And it is an investment that requires very little sacrifice from your day-to-day life.

The following options are available in the program., with weekly supplements:

20 hours of individual tuition instead of 15: + £100
Family in the London area: + £100
Room with private bathroom ( for exclusive use ): + £140
English for Business course content (designed for business people and professionals with particular requirements): + £120

For more information and to receive the brochure with instructions for enrolling, you can go to our page "Special Offers". We shall send it to you free of charge and merely requesting the brochure does not oblige you to book. However we do prefer to send it out only to those who are genuinely interested, so we shall ask you to send us some details, regarding your current English level, when you are interested in going etc.

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

Registered Office: Independent English Ltd (UK), Reg. N. 3851397
32 Addison Grove
London England W4 1ER

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