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English language courses in Scotland
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Idea! Have a great break this summer by experiencing the famous Edinburgh Festival in August and improving your English while taking a holiday with a difference! (To see the details, select "English and the Edinburgh Festival" from the Course content menu in our course selection database questionnaire.)

… and then Edinburgh is something quite spectacular, all built in grey granite with its ancient castle perched on the rock high above the mediaeval town.

A fine and correct English is spoken and our excellent schools are recognized, like those in England, by the British Council.

If you go to our database and select "Scotland" as a destination, you will find a good number of excellent English language courses that you can choose from.

And in August, you have the chance of taking a course, which combines English lessons with visits to the events at the famous Edinburgh Festival - from experimental theatre to evening concerts to the traditional night-time military parade with drums and pipes by the Scottish regiments in the castle. Book early to avoid disappointment!

There is also a course over Christmas and the New Year, or just for the New Year week, to enjoy the special Scottish Christmas and Hogmanay festivities.

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

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