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Practically all the courses provided by our schools, whether of general English or not, are offered together with programs of social and other activities.

But some have particular programs, which it is worth telling you about. To find all the details (dates, prices, accommodation options, etc) you will need to go to our database catalogue and click on the item that interests you in the drop-down menu "Course content" at the start of the questionnaire. Here we give some general information:

    • English with sports. This "course content" can be chosen by youngsters - teenagers and younger. A word of advice: if you want to play or learn golf, choose any course in Torquay and when you send us your form asking for the brochure, put in a message to say you are interested in English+Golf. There you can combine an excellent English course with games of golf, and golf lessons if you wish, several times a week.

    • English for family groups. With this formula the whole family can go off together, live together in the same house or apartment if they wish, and take English courses at the same time - obviously each one in a class at his or her own level and age group. We have several schools in different countries where this is possible, you will see a list with the dates on our page for Children's courses.

    • Courses for senior citizens, meaning those aged 45+ or 50+ . Most people who travel to take English courses are fairly young. Those who are more mature, and who prefer to share a class with contemporaries, may prefer to choose this formula.

    • English courses over Christmas and the New Year. Most of our schools are closed at this time. And yet it is a holiday period for many, which can be used to combine a vacation with an English course abroad. Selecting this option you can see what is offered by those schools that are open, and which offer enjoyable programs (for example in London or Edinburgh) at reasonable prices.

    • By choosing an English language course combined with tickets for some of the spectacular events of the Edinburgh Festival in August, you will have a unique experience of theatre, music, poetry, dance and art, as well as the exhibition parade of the Scottish regiments in Edinburgh castle. See also our page on Scotland.

    • English language courses with cultural or literary studies. This is an interesting combination offered in the three "capital cities" of the British Isles - London, Edinburgh and Dublin, as well as in Bournemouth on the South coast of England.

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