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This is the best formula for those who wish to learn as much English as they can in the least possible time. From our experience we can say that it really does work.

You go to live in your teacher's home, as a member of the family, with whom you eat all your meals; you have your own bed-room and follow a one-to-one language course with your teacher in the living room - for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours a week.

There is a variation on the formula, where two of you study as a pair, provided that you book together and are of the same level in the language. Naturally, you will each spend less than you would on your own.

Whole families can also be accepted, with children of any age. Family members will follow courses in ones or twos according to their needs. Baby-sitting can be arranged for the very young, while their parents take their lessons.

There are "de luxe" versions of these programs with families selected especially to cater for company executives and professionals, where the teacher gives a course of "English for business" or other specialties; there are also programs for adults, youngsters and children, and even quite young children. Where desired the guest student has a private bathroom.

This method has the following advantages: with a regular school-based course, where students stay with local families, those families provide services as arranged and maybe conversation during meals, but outside this they lead their own lives. In contrast, with our formula "learning in the teacher's home", the host families involve their guests in their own social life, and so there are far more opportunities for practicing the language for real-life communication. And it is by using the language in real-life situations that the most effective learning takes place.

The whole program is organized and overseen by a specialized Institute (we have been using two such Institutes for over twenty years), that selects the families and trains the teachers in the specific techniques used in one-to-one tuition. The Institute also maintains a "local organizer" in each area where there are families. Your local organizer will meet you shortly after your arrival, and will be available as a reference point for any possible problem you might have which cannot be solved by the family itself.

Of course this type of program is a bit more expensive than the usual group course, but, bearing in mind that it is a one-to-one course, it is considerably cheaper than a similar one-to-one course taken at a school. Fees start at GBP 490 (about 720 euros) per week for a course of 10 individual hours + single room + full board. One can take 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 hours of one-to-one lessons per week. If you share with a companion of the same level there is a 20% discount. To vary the days, some of the hours can be spent out and about the neighbourhood with your teacher.

This is the same formula that we use for our innovative "English weekend intensive courses" designed for those (living within a couple of hours' flying time of the UK) who cannot take much time off their work, and who wish to use their weekends to push their knowledge of the language forward, or who simply wish to learn English during weekends.

To view all the possibilities that are offered and the dozens of locations where these programs are held, go to our database catalogue and select "Courses in the teacher's home" from the "Course content" menu, and then any of the locations marked with an asterisk *.

You will see that we offer these programs in all nine English-speaking countries where we have schools.

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

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