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English courses abroad for children and youngsters

Give English as a gift to your children... sending them abroad by themselves. Or all go together!

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Idea! Of course, you do learn more quickly when you travel alone; but sometimes, for various reasons, you may want to arrange a holidays for all the family with an English course for each family member. See below on this page for details and proposals …

Every parent wants to do all they can to equip their children with every advantage for the road through life.

It is already virtually essential to have "a good knowledge of English" for any professional job. Many states have recognized this, and have tried to introduce English language training in schools from a tender age. Unfortunately, not least of the problems in doing so is finding sufficiently qualified teaching staff. Above all, to learn well, you need native speakers and many, many hours of practice.

Those who travel abroad to take a language course are those who learn faster and better.

Above all, we are coming to realize that the younger you start, the faster and better you learn.

Independent English Ltd. has selected for you a wide range of courses for children and youngsters in England, Ireland and Malta. You can come as groups or enrol individually.

Parents can be confident about the safety of their children, as well as for the quality of the courses and of the activities outside the class-room.

Courses for children and teenagers are usually programmed with 15 weekly hours of lessons (more are sometimes possible) with 15 pupils maximum in each class, and recreational and sporting activities, excursions, and accommodation either in college or with families who have been selected by the school.

We should also mention here the option of being "in the teacher's home", where the student is taken under the wing of the family, who is at the same time the teacher and guide throughout the entire day. In this case, it is a one-to-one course, or else for two youngsters with a similar language level, who are paired together, but not with the same nationality.

As regards the journey, we advise parents to use airlines that offer the "unaccompanied minor" service, so that the child is entrusted to a hostess at the point of departure, who will keep any eye on him or her during the flight and after arrival until the person nominated by the school comes to take charge for the last leg of the trip by car to the college or host family. In fact all our schools and institutes that organize courses for minors provide an airport transfer service for arrival and departure.

To select the course that best meets your needs, click here . N.B. You will see the courses for children and teenagers if you select the content marked "General English" or "English with Sports".

If you prefer the formula "In the teacher's home" then select this option under "Course content" and then select one of the many locations marked with an asterisk in the drop-down menu under "Option 1".


First of all, there are the made-to-measure solutions with private tuition "In the teacher's home" as mentioned above. These can be for children traveling alone, or for the whole family (taking separate individual courses, or if suitable in pairs).

Then there are programs where the whole family - both young and old - can attend English courses at the same school. Naturally, the courses are separate according to age and knowledge of English (and by course content if so desired). For younger children the courses are timetabled so that their parents can bring them each day and then pick them up when the course has finished. If desired, everybody can be accommodated together. Some organizations offer, for small children of a few months and above, a baby-sitter service or day-care center in place of an English course as such.

The organizations that offer "parallel and simultaneous" group courses for adults and children are in the following locations:

Location Ages Dates Accommodation (1)
Central London (GB) 10+ 21/7-18/8 Family or residence
Bath (GB) 12+ 22/6-30/8 Family
Torquay (GB) 12+ 22/6-30/8 Family
Hastings (GB) 08+ 31/3-28/4;
Family or residence
Shrewsbury (GB) 12+ 30/6-15/8 Family
Eastbourne (GB) 12+ 31/3-2/5;
Bournemouth (GB) 10+ 9/6-23/8 Family
San Diego (California-USA) 01+ 23/12/-9/2;
Family or residence
Fort Lauderdale (Florida-USA) 01+ 23/12/-9/2;
Family or residence
Malta (Mediterranean!) 01+ 10/3-2/5; 26/5-19/9
Family or residence
or appartment

(1) In all these centers you can always ask the school to book a hotel, in addition to the options listed here.

For further information please send us our form (click here). When completing the form, under "Location" please indicate the location that interests you most from the above list, and under "Specific course content" the option "English for Family Groups". We shall receive your form together with your details and requests, and we shall send you the relevant brochure. N.B. Normally, we send out only one brochure, and not more than two.

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

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