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When you contact us to find your English course for the first time, we ask you very simply,


You will find our forms on our other site www.mondoweb.it/english-courses. Click the blue or the red button for the form you want (blue for instant selection from our database, or red for manual selection by our staff).

We will ask you to send us an email only after you have tried to find what you want with our forms (and if you have not succeeded).


When you contact us to find your English course for the first time, we ask you very simply,


How? Send us a form taken from our database catalogue, or after reading one of the pages on the left, and following the links and instructions on the screen.

Of course you can write us an email, fax us, phone us, or write to us by ordinary mail. Our full contact details are at the bottom of this page.

But if you do this, the first thing we will want to do is to ask you questions about your requirements - things that you might easily not think of telling us. So we will all save time if you send us these requirements - all of the ones we need to know - in your original message. Really, the quickest way for you to get the information you want is to send us a form from our site.

You can go straight in and do it now.

Or, if you prefer to see in advance the full array of different options available, take two minutes now to read what follows, and save hours or days later!

We have literally 1000 different courses. We cannot put all their details into a printed pamphlet, it would be the size of a telephone directory. Looking for a course with your requirements in it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This is why we decided to put all the information on all our courses into our unique databank, or database. You can use it to find your course, here on the internet (see below for the link).

Using our database as our "shop-window", we do not start out by offering you this or that course; our first interest is to find out what your needs are.

If you follow these easy steps, starting from one of the two entry-points into our system, you will find what you are looking for very soon.


  • The quickest approach is, to start, go to the access-page of our database catalogue, and just answer the questions that you will see there. The questions are to find out what you want and what you need for your English course. You will see at once, on your screen, some proposals, which all match exactly the answers you have given. Each course proposal has a description of its essential features, with the price, and a link to view the accommodation options for each course. They are sorted by price in ascending order, so you will see the cheapest ones first (unless you have ordered a search without indicating a country; in this case the currencies will be mixed).
  • Each proposal also has a link which says "YES! Please send me the brochure for this course". This is the link you must click when you have found the proposal which you think is most likely to be closest to what you are looking for.
  • The link will take you to a form, where you give us your name and address etc, so that we can send you the brochure of the school that offers the course you are interested in.
  • There is a space in the form where you can send us a free message, and tell us in your own words what you want. Please use this space rather than sending us a message directly from your own browser or email client. We ask you to use our form for your first contact, because we need to know the answers to our questions in order to help you. Once we have this information we will be happy to enter into an email correspondence with you, as indeed normally happens.
  • As soon as we receive your request we will send you the brochure of the school by priority mail. If you do not receive it soon, let us know.
  • Our database contains offers for every kind of requirement, but…


  • Maybe you have some rather special requirements, like these:
  • Are you looking for a good course at a very low price? You will find them in our database, but you can also go straight to our special page "Bargain offers" and then follow the instructions that you find there.
  • Are you looking for a programme where you can combine a course of English with a job, a paid job? Go to our page "Work & study" and follow the instructions that you find there.
  • (If you live in Europe) Have you little time because you are very busy with your occupation? Go to our page "Weekends" and learn how you can use your weekends to fly to England, spending relatively little, to take short, intensive courses from a Thursday evening to a Sunday afternoon, losing very little time from your working week.
  • If you want to go somewhere warm (!) and learn English and go to the beach in January-March, with programmes where you can spend as little as 172 euros a week on a long course, see the information on our page about "Australia and New Zealand".


If after following the instructions above you still haven't found what you are looking for, then we advise you (our database itself will advise you) to fill in our other form "for a manual search". This way you will send us the details of your requirements and we will conduct the search for you, and then we will send you a proposal, with the price, by email. If you like the proposal, we will then send you the brochure. This procedure is much slower however, and may take a week, because we have to work on your request by hand.


You can also write us an email composed by yourself on your browser. But our first response will be to ask you to send us one of our forms. It is simply that, in order to help you, we need that information and you are unlikely to provide all of it by yourself. So please try to save us and yourself time by sending us a form as your first step (our forms do have a box where you can send us a special message). After that we can correspond by email about the details of your requirement.

Company contact details:

Independent English Ltd - Eurozone / Italy bureau:
121 Via Sistina, 00187 Rome, Italy
Tel (& Fax) +(39).068604182. Fax: +(1)206.2020723
Email: info@ienglish.co.uk

We are currently without a UK operational base. Official correspondence may be sent to our registered office in London (see below). If you are outside Italy, please address email enquiries on English courses, bookings, etc. to us at: info@english-courses.com
Wherever you are in the world, please send faxed correspondence to our U.S. fax number (converts to email): +(1)206.2020723. You may send postal correspondence, or telephone enquiries to our Italy bureau (above).

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

Registered Office: Independent English Ltd (UK), Reg. N. 3851397
32 Addison Grove
London England W4 1ER

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