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In Australia and New Zealand the climate ranges from temperate to subtropical, while the landscape varies from the vast central Australian desert, through the warm and sunny beaches opposite the Barrier Reef in the north, to the verdant fields of New Zealand. The fauna is equally varied and quite different from the animals in other parts of the world. The people are friendly and open with a relaxed and informal lifestyle. Cosmopolitan cities with a human dimension, and remember that whilst it is winter in the Northern hemisphere, down there it is summer and they are on the beach!

The land is vast and there are wide, open spaces!

The exchange rate is favorable for most currencies, so it is worth doing your sums before saying "No, it's too far". We all know that to learn English really well you need to spend at least a few months in an English speaking country. So although it may cost more to get there (depending on where you are coming from), if you can afford the time to spend a few months "down under", you will end up saving money.

What is more, in Australia (where we have schools in six different cities), if you take a student visa, you are allowed to look for part-time work, (which is not so difficult if you have at least an intermediate level) and can then combine this with your studies. (For this type of visa you need to take a course of 25 hours per week.) We offer very interesting 'packages' of, for example, 20 weeks of course at a cost of AUD 6815 (about 4080 euros), which includes the first four weeks of board and lodging. Later, when you have found your part-time job (which is not difficult), your earnings should cover your maintenance costs for the rest of your stay. So for the entire period you will only need to "invest" 204 euros a week of your own money. And for the 40 week 'package' you will spend only 172... To receive the brochure, click here and select "Work and Study in Australia" from the menu "Choose a course". (N.B. Remember that to be realistic, you need at least an intermediate knowledge of the language to find work. So if you arrive with an elementary or beginner level, you will need a fair number of weeks first of "lessons only" to reach the necessary level to be able to find work.)

Or if you want to see other courses, that might suit you, go to our database catalogue and under "Countries" in "Option 2" select either Australia or New Zealand.

Learn English ? Yes, you can!

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