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This is high-level total immersion.

An individual course, custom-built to your specific needs, with accommodation in your own suite in a 5-star hotel in central London. Your personal, highly-qualified trainer, gives you your course in your own sitting-room, and stays on for lunch (and/or dinner) with you, in the hotel (or wherever you like). You can also go out of the hotel and use your lesson-time to continue learning the language while you explore the capital with your teacher.

Prices start from GB£ 1204 for three nights in the hotel with 10 hours of individual tuition – further down on this page you will see greater details and prices for the various formulas we offer.

Independent English has a long track record - Testimonial by Training Manager of IRI, the major Italian industrial conglomerate.

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Learning English with "English - The Total Experience"
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Course duration
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Optimising your time
The benefits of total immersions
Three levels of intensity
English during meal-times
Learn while exploring London
Prices of courses
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THE TEACHING OF ENGLISH - our philosophy

Our philosophy of teaching and learning a foreign language is outlined on this other page, which we suggest you have a look at now.

If you are an entrepreneur and you own a company, or if you are responsible for running a company, and you want to bring those of your staff who need it to improve their command of English to the level required for them to do their jobs effectively , our Management Consultancy Services can help you on the ways and means of getting your company up and running in English as soon and as cost-effectively as possible.

If you practise a profession, and have already acquired an intermediate level of English and you need to improve your English to use it for your work, you will see on this page, that we have programmes of English for Special Purposes, where, in various fields, you can learn the technical terms needed and above all how to put them together in order to sustain a conversation effectively on the subject.

Learning English with "English - The Total Experience"
On arrival at the hotal, you take possession of your chosen accommodation (see below). Your spacious hotel room will have a sitting area, with a sofa and armchair(s) and desk, or if you take a Park Suite, a separate sitting-room. This is where you will be taught by your private trainer, professionally qualified and sent to your hotel by one of London's top Schools of English (clearly inspected and recognised by the British Council), with whom Independent English has been working for many years.

As required, we may also make use of the services of senior figures from the City (for example, in investment banking), also highly qualified in linguistics.

Your teacher will therefore give you a personalised course of English directly in your "London home".

Before you arrive in London you will have been asked to compile a questionnaire which serves to prepare your course, so that it may target your specific linguistic and professional needs.

You will learn English through personal one-to-one interaction with your trainer, and if you so wish you will be practising the language actively throughout the day (in the "super-intensive" formula). Your trainer will not only give you lessons, bringing suitable audio-visual teaching material; he or she will also be lunching (and, if wished, dining) with you.

On prior request, some of the hours of lesson-time can be spent out and about in London, visiting places of cultural or professional interest. This option may be advisable to vary the daily routine if the "intensive" or "super-intensive" formula is chosen.

We have created this programme together with the splendid, five-star Royal Garden Hotel. It is in Kensington, central London (zone 1). It is a top-of-the-range hotel, whose staff have a long experience in welcoming the most discerning clientele, including, we may say, heads of State visiting London. During the G20 summit in 2009 it hosted the entire delegations of Russia and Australia.

The hotel building stands on the edge of beautiful Kensington Gardens, overlooking Kensington Palace which was the London residence of Lady Diana.

At your arrival in the airport you can be met by a chauffeur who will drive you to the hotel in a comfortable Lexus limousine.

For the clients of Independent English the Royal Garden Hotel offers three classes of accommodation at very interesting prices.

You may choose to take a weekend course, with 3 or 4 nights' stay, or a whole week (or two or more weeks, with free weekends in between). The whole week will have 5 days' teaching, with arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday (6 nights), or (at a reduced rate for the extra night) departure on Sunday (7 nights) if you wish to enjoy an extra day of time for yourself in London.

OPTIONAL: CULTURAL/SPORTING ACTIVITIES, to be taken in conjunction with our language course, or, for those with sufficient English, as a programmeby itself.

We also offer a cultural/sporting package, tailor-made to your personal requirements and interests, which will enable you to practice your English in a real-life setting while enjoying an upscale English cultural, social and sporting experience. Such a package will typically last from 2 to 5 days and involve being driven to exclusive hunts, shoots, fishing rivers, golf etc., as well as places of historic and artistic interest, operas, ballet, concerts and museums. Meals can range from lunch in a typical London or country pub, to dinner in a good restaurant.

Your mentor for the London-based/cultural portion will be a former investment banker and lover of the arts, a pupil of Eton College, who also has a language degree from Cambridge. The "outdoor" or sporting activities, most likely based in the southern part of the United Kingdom with easy access to London and its airports, would be organised by a former Guards officer (Blues and Royals - the regiment of Prince Harry) and country estate owner who has access to exclusive private shoots, golf clubs etc.

Such a course can, of course, be combined with our "high level immersion" English language programme described herein. We will be pleased to propose a personalised itinerary which combines your chosen activities and interests, and quote an all-in price accordingly.

The weekend course with 2 days and 3 nights (arriving on Friday afternoon or evening, and departing on the Monday morning), or with 3 days and 4 nights from Thursday to Monday, is planned so as to make the best use of your valuable time: you will only lose one whole working day (the Friday in the 4-night version), or, in the 3-night version, almost no part of a normal working week if you are able to organise your flights for Friday evening and first thing Monday morning. You could actually depart on the Sunday evening after your lessons if you wished.

In this way, losing very little or none of your working time, with our formula you will enjoy a "total-immersion plunge" in an English-speaking environment in the heart of London, to improve your mastery of this working instrument which is nowadays indispensible for any career.

Our experience shows that those who have repeated these "plunges" periodically over some months have noted rapid and marked improvements in their knowledge and their ability to use the language.

Testing a pupil at the end of a short intensive course, and then again after some weeks spent in his home country without practising English, an improvement in his level was noted. The conclusion is that during the period after the course, the pupil's brain absorbed, assimilated and "digested" the input received during the short but highly intensive course. After this "fallow" period, the pupil's mastery of the language, in terms of actual speaking ability and comprehension, improved.

It therefore makes sense to plan your calendar with several "short sharp plunges" over a period of months, in order to make significant progress while minimizing the time lost from your normal working schedule. And every time you are able to spend one or more whole weeks in a series of total immersion treatments, then your progress will advance by leaps and bounds.

You can choose one of three levels of intensity, whether over a weekend or a whole week course:

I – Semi-intensive (half-day).
Here your contact time with your trainer is 5 hours per day (typically 0900-1400) including 90 minutes for lunch.
This fairly “bland” level of intensity is suitable for those who have other commitments while they are in London, or simply wish to combine an English course with a pleasant interlude.

IF TAKEN OVER ONE OR MORE WEEKS, you can actually use the free time to be "virtually present" in your office in your home country, using your laptop computer connections (e.g. Skype) for long-distance real-time communication, even by video. So many executives say "Yes I know I really ought to improve my English, but I simply cannot afford to take even one week away from my desk." Well, now you can! One, or two, or even more weeks. With a webcam, you can stay in face-to-face daily contact with your staff, and keep your finger on the pulse of your organisation, even if you are not physically present.

II – Intensive (morning and afternoon).
Here your contact time with your trainer is 8 hours per day (typically 0900-1700) including 90 minutes for lunch.
Your day will be occupied , and you will be free to arrange your evenings at your pleasure.

III – Super-intensive (morning, afternoon and evening).
Here your contact time with your trainer is 11 hours per day (typically 0900-2100) including 90 minutes for lunch with your trainer, and dinner taken together at the end of the day.
This version of the formula will take up almost your entire day. This is the real "total immersion" programme - at full strength. The hours available for learning will be utilised to the full.

In the “intensive” version it is likely that you will have two trainers alternating during the course of the day, and in the “super-intensive” version this will undoubtedly be the case.

Lunching and dining is always an opportunity for pleasant conversation in good company. The learning process continues over good food, accompanied by good wine if wished. Taking a rest from structured language exercises, you will enjoy the opportunity to chat informally about any subject that takes your fancy. It is when you really want to say something because you are interested in the content of what you are saying - that is when you put to work the structures you have been learning, and that is when you acquire them as an automatic part of your mental toolbox. N.B. You will however always be able to have your breakfast in peace and quiet by yourself, served in your room or in the hotel dining room.

The schedules for the “semi-intensive” and “intensive” programmes include lunch with your trainer, and the “super-intensive” includes dinner too.

The Royal Garden Hotel has two delightful restaurants, the Park Terrace serving the best of English and international cuisine, and the Min Jiang for authentic dishes from the top Chinese traditional cooking. You pay for your own meal and your trainer's, and settle the bill directly with the hotel, at prices which for lunch start at GB£15 per person for two dishes (a little more on Sundays). In the evenings you can eat a choice of simple, carefully prepared dishes - including pizza - for a few pounds in the hotel's bar, Bertie’s Bar – and try the champagne! Or settle down in one of the two restaurants for an excellent dinner á la carte. Moreover the Park Terrace offers a fixed-price evening menu starting from £26.50 for two dishes or £31.50 for three. (Prices are correct at time of publication – check the hotel's website for any updates.)

Of course remember you are in the heart of London, nowadays one of the world's gastronomic capitals. So you can let your fancy run riot and taste any of the thousands of magnificent restaurants and eateries that the city offers, trying a variety of ethnic cuisines from all four corners of the earth. You do not have to stay inside the hotel. You can take your lessons, and your meals, with your teacher as you explore London and visit its many places of interest - historic and touristic interest, as well as of specific professional interest for yourself. If you wish to do this, it will be highly advisable to tell us about your interests in advance, and give us an indication of what you would like to see and where you would like to go, so that we may make the necessary arrangements. For example, if your interest is Law, you may wish to visit the Old Bailey or one of the Inns of Court. If Banking and Finance, there will be places in the City. Transport and other incidental costs will be charged to the client.

THE PRICES OF THE COURSES (in GB£ pounds sterling, per total hours of teacher contact) 2011
Semi-intensiveIntensive Super-intensive
Weekend [2 days teaching]£ 724 (10h) £ 1184 (16h)£1851 (22h)
Long weekend [3 days teaching]£ 965 (15h) £ 1631 (24h)£2297 (33h)
Full week [5 days teaching]£ 1510 (25h)£ 2539 (40h)£3567 (55h)

The cost of the hotel room must be added to the above. (This is given below, excluding meals).

We have arranged 3 types of bedroom or suite for those taking part in this programme. These are special tariffs, exclusively for clients of Independent English. We can assist you in booking the room or suite for you, or you can arrange it yourself (if you are making the booking yourself, let us know, so we will tell the hotal and ensure that you get the special rates). In either case you will pay the hotel directly for the room, the meals, and any extras. Independent English will invoice you only for the course.

ROOM TYPES AND PRICES (valid till 31/05/2011)
The DELUXE rooms have large areas for sleeping and sitting within the same ample open-plan space. The hotel staff will make the bed and clean the room between 8 and 9 a.m. on your teaching days, before your teacher arrives. For further details and photographs, click here DELUXE.

(Prices in GB£)
3-night Weekend (arr. Friday – dep. Monday): …………….£480 + VAT
4-night Weekend (arr. Thursday – dep. Monday) :....………£729 + VAT
6-night Week (arr. Sunday - dep. Saturday): …………….. £1405 +VAT
7-night Week (arr. Sunday - dep. Sunday):........……….. £1565 + VAT

(VAT - Value Added Tax - in Britain is at 17,5% for the rest of 2010, and will go up to 20% from 1/1/11, according to recent government decisions. Business travellers from certain other countries can ask to have it refunded by the UK government tax authorities.)

The EXECUTIVE rooms have larger areas for sleeping and sitting within a more ample open-plan space. (approx. 7 X 6 m.). The hotel staff will make the bed and clean the room between 8 and 9 a.m. on your teaching days, before your teacher arrives. For further details and photographs, click here EXECUTIVE.

(Prices in GB£)
3-night Weekend (arr. Friday – dep. Monday): …………….£600 + VAT
4-night Weekend (arr. Thursday – dep. Monday) :....………£889 + VAT
6-night Week (arr. Sunday - dep. Saturday): …………….. £1645 +VAT
7-night Week (arr. Sunday - dep. Sunday):........……….. £1845 + VAT

(VAT - Value Added Tax - in Britain is at 17,5% for the rest of 2010, and will go up to 20% from 1/1/11, according to recent government decisions. Business travellers from certain other countries can ask to have it refunded by the UK government tax authorities.)

The PARK SUITES enjoy panoramic views over Kensington Gardens and include an entrance, a bedroom, bathroom, and dining and sitting room. The overall space is greater still (approx. 8.4 X 9 m.). These are separate rooms within the suite, so if you have a partner staying with you but not taking a course, he or she can sleep on without being disturbed while you take your lessons, without any problem. For further details and photographs, click here PARK SUITES.

(Prices in GB£)
3-night Weekend (arr. Friday – dep. Monday): …………….£840 + VAT
4-night Weekend (arr. Thursday – dep. Monday) :....……..£1229 + VAT
6-night Week (arr. Sunday - dep. Saturday): …………….. £2225 +VAT
7-night Week (arr. Sunday - dep. Sunday):........……….. £2505 + VAT

(VAT - Value Added Tax - in Britain is at 17,5% for the rest of 2010, and will go up to 20% from 1/1/11, according to recent government decisions. Business travellers from certain other countries can ask to have it refunded by the UK government tax authorities.)

We can give you an AIRPORT WELCOME with a stylish Lexus sedan car and chauffeur provided by the hotel, to whisk you and your luggage straight to the hotel, relieving you of having to find a taxi. The cost is GB£70, and the same again to be taken back at the end of your stay. The hotel provides useful information on other means of transport on the hotel's website.

Since these rooms can take up to two people, a companion (sharing your room but not taking a course) can be included at no extra charge (obviously not counting any food or other extras). A companion, whether sharing your room or taking a separate single room, can also share your course if of the same level of English and requiring the same course content.We shall be pleased to quote you prices for tuition to a pair.

Some of the suites may have an extra bedroom with a communicating door. This could be a good solution for those who wish to bring their family, who will enjoy a holiday in London while the client takes his course. If children are brought, we have an agreement with an excellent school near Regents Park, that takes children from the age of 3 up for special English courses, and will also arrange a school-bus service. Click here to see an electronic prospectus on this school.

To request a booking, or only just a precise costing of the particular programme you may require, click here to complete our form. Of the three options offered in our form as ways of requesting a booking, for this special programme you will necessarily have to select the first, that is the option to book and pay for the course with the assistance of Independent English. As mentioned above, you will pay the hotel directly for the services provided by the hotel, but to enjoy the special tariffs reserved for our clients you must first notify us before contacting the hotel directly. Our form gives various spaces for you to express any particular requirement, and you are invited to use them.

To the prices indicated above, Independent English adds a fixed fee of GB£60 for secretarial dues for our assistance with your booking.


For the booking and payment of accommodation at the Royal Garden Hotel, you must follow the conditions laid down by the Hotel itself. The client can ask Independent English to book him the accommodation at the Royal Garden Hotel, but he will have to settle the hotel bill directly with the hotel itself, whether for accommodation or any food, drink or other services, and his contractual relations for these matters will be with the hotel and not with Independent English.

For the booking and payment of a course:
1. You must complete and send us our form to request a booking.
2. We will verify the availability of the type of course and accommodation for the dates requested; in case of a negative response, you will owe nothing. If the response is affermative we will send you the provisional confirmation and our invoice. You will also be contacted by the teaching staff with a form and possibly a phone-call for information with which to determine the didactic and professional content of your course.
3. If the booking is requested with more than 6 weeks' advance notice, the invoice can be paid in two instalments: an advance non-refundable deposit of GB£ 360, to be paid within three days in order to confirm the booking, and the balance at least two weeks before arrival, by bank transfer.
4. If the booking is requested with less than 6 but more than 2 weeks' advance notice, the invoice must be settled within three days of receipt, by bank transfer. If the booking is requested less than 2 weeks before arrival, the invoice must be settled by Paypal card payment online, and we will ask you to cover Paypal's receiving charges which may be up to 3.9% of the total.
5. In case of cancellation received in writing by Independent English at least 2 weeks before the date booked for arrival, the entire amount received by Independent English will be refunded less a penalty charge of GB£ 360 and the banking charges of sending the refund.
6. Failure to notify cancellation within the term indicated, or failure by the student to appear for the course, or a shortening of the course without advance warning within the terms indicated, will entail the loss of the right to any refund. The failure to pay the balance of fees due by the term indicated above may be taken as a cancellation with application of the penalty charge indicated above. We advise clients to take out an insurance policy for protection against any unexpected cancellation or shortening of their course owing to force majeure.
7. Any problems or complaints about the hotel or its services must be made directly to the hotel management by the client. Any problem with the course or the teaching must be raised directly with the teacher, or with Independent English, before the end of the course, so that remedies may be put in place. We will be unable to answer for any complaints that are presented only after the end of the course.
8. Any legal controversy between the parties shall be subject exclusively to the laws of England and the jurisdiction of the English courts.

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