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Independent English is an

Independent English Ltd sells English courses in English-speaking countries. Others do too. What makes us different?

  • We sell at each school's original prices, with no markup or increase - When you use our services, you pay the course and accommodation at the same price you'd pay if you went directly to the school.

    And what's more...
  • Our professional competence - acquired over long years of experience in this field (since 1982).
  • Our enormous variety of choice - we really do offer 1000 different courses of English in 9 countries.
  • Reliability - the schools we use are all selected by us, and inspected and approved by their respective national authorities.
  • Our exclusive online database - makes it so fast and easy for you to find exactly the course and the accommodation that you seek.
  • Our assistance - we will send you the school's own brochure for free, and if you wish, we will help you to book your course.

  • Book early and spend less on your flight.
    Get better accommodation too.

    How to contact us and
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      • With Independent English you can choose your course among 1000 English courses abroad with 50+ of the best schools of English in the world. You will find all the details in our easy-to-use online database .


      It's easy and fast

      • Independent English solves the problem of finding an English course that fits and matches all your requirements - the course, the accommodation, the location - in just seconds.

      It costs less than you expect

      • When you use Independent English, you find your English course in our online database, and you send us a request for the brochure of the school that offers that course. We send you that brochure by priority mail. All this is free. You can then send us your booking request. Until we confirm that the school has a place for you, you pay nothing. We only ask you to pay when we know there is a place for you, and then you pay at the school's own price. We do charge a small fee for some extra, optional, services, such as assistance with your booking and insurance.

        We are always on the look-out for special bargains for our customers, and we post these on our special page Bargain offers.

      Trust and reliability

      • Independent English was incorporated in 1999 as a Limited Company registered in England by Torquil Dick Erikson, a graduate from Oxford University. He started his business as an English Language Training Consultant to Italian companies and individuals in 1982. He is a long-standing member of the prestigious English Speaking Union (E.S.U.).
      • Our Eurozone office in Rome, Italy, handles enquiries from customers in Italy, in Italian, and from other Eurozone countries in English, French, and Spanish. It is currently also handling enquiries and bookings from world-wide customers.
      • See How to contact us for our direct contact details.


      • We use only schools that have been inspected and approved by the national authorities or recognized national associations. In the UK this means schools that have been inspected and approved by the British Council. We also inspect our schools ourselves. If there are any complaints we assess these impartially. What we want above all is satisfied customers.


      • We are not a visa-procurement agency. You must ask the nearest consulate or embassy of the country where you want to do your English course what documentation is required. We will send on to you the necessary documentation received from the school in question.

      How to get in touch with us

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    Registered Office: Independent English Ltd (UK), Reg. N. 3851397
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